Archipel Content


One library. One package offer. One negotiation. One contract.

Archipel Content is a company at the cutting edge of content distribution. It is an all-in-one marketplace for TV, VOD and ancillary rights, centralizing a multitude of rights holders’ library content to offer package deals to large volume content buyers.

Archipel Content is a solution for buyers to acquire large volumes of quality content in one single place from various sales companies without having to sign multiple deals. On the other hand, right holders can maximize sales and monetize their back catalog to its full potential. The entire process is streamlined by blockchain technology by providing automated, secured, traceable and instantaneous payments.

Archipel Content was created by Cascade8, which specializes in software solutions for the entertainment industry, in collaboration with Logical Pictures, a financing banner, and Pulsar Content, an international sales outfit.

Archipel Content makes content buying simple.

Contact Information:

Christophe Pecot
Business Developer
59 Passage Choiseul
75002, Paris
+33 6 16 48 35 41

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