Way over Me


Genre: Psychological Thriller

6 X 50’

While other medical emergencies dominate the headlines, mental health is often overlooked. But these days, in the battle against Covid 19, the struggle for mental health has often emerged as a front-line issue. This series takes us into that world, a dramatic place where Dr. Justine Mathieu follows up on patients brought in by Clara St-Amand, Myriam Melançon and Gabriel Beauregard, frontline emergency responders. Despite their professionalism, these health providers have not left their humanity at the hospital door. Dr. Mathieu falls under the spell of David Ducharme, a new patient struggling with bipolar disorder, a furtive relationship that becomes increasingly dangerous. And Clara St-Amand and Gabriel Beauregard must deal with difficult cases on the ground even as they are confronted with their own family problems.



Xiaojuan Zhou
Office: +1 514 360 0252 ext. 4101

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