The Sketch Artist


Genre: Crime Thriller

10 X 44’

Eve Garance is a remarkable sketch artist capable of “reading” people. In the Investigation Unit of the Police Department, she uses her talents to create composite sketches to catch criminals. Her colleagues include Maryse Ferron, the methodical director whose disability has never stopped her; Bernard Dupin, the seasoned investigator who keeps the dark regions of his life under wraps, and Anthony Kamal, the new technician who doesn’t know what he is getting into. This is the team assigned to solve a laundry list of sordid crimes. They will tackle also cold cases … even if old wounds are opened in the process.

The return of Eve’s ex will force her to reopen a very personal cold case: that of the disappearance of their son William, then six months old. For five years, Eve has been secretly imagining and sketching the faces that her son could have today in the hope of finding him one day …


Xiaojuan Zhou
Office: +1 514 360 0252 ext. 4101

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