A Life Worth Living


Telenovela 120 x 1H

Paloma is a seamstress and mother of 3 who, after having her exams exchanged with that of a terminally ill patient, believes she has only six months to live. Things are cleared up, but the young woman’s desire for a change in life remains, and she goes after the man who is really on the brink of death, Alberto. Having a passion for literature as their main connection, they build a beautiful friendship that gives new meaning to their lives, restoring in him the pleasure of living and bringing Paloma closer to a love from her past, Ramon, and also to Marcos, the charming son of Alberto, with whom she got involved when she thought she would die.


Isadora Filpi
Sales Manager — Europe & CIS
+55 11 98908-0260

Beatriz Tompson
Sales Manager Kids & Factual
+55 21 98207-2064



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