The Wish Fish


1 x 75′, HD, 2016


(10 mins)

Password: twf-2018


Opil doesn’t eat fish. In a desperate attempt to stop him from wolfing down junk food, his mother serves him a special dish: the Wish Fish. But Opil no longer believes in fairy tales and takes it as a joke. “I wish that some mutant aliens will come and take away all the fish on the planet,” he wishes. The following morning, troops of evil Saturons arrive aboard their spacecraft and suck out all the oceans, spreading chaos and threatening the entire world. Opil is sent to the court of the Blobfish, who manages all matters related to the Wish Fish. Opil is put on trial and sentenced for having made such an absurd wish. His punishment is to catch another fish and eat it to undo his previous wish.


Samantha Wong — Head of Global Division


Tel: +65 9100 3282

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