Sunny Girl No.23 S2



3D Animation

SUNNY GIRL NO.23 is a major original animation created by Golden Eagle Cartoon. It is not only about a growth journey of a sunny girl but the first realistic themed animation series that reflect Chinese parent-child education and school life. Its first season has achieved first place in audience ratings consecutively since aired from March 2020 in mainland China.

The leading role is an 8year old primary school student, she’s not outstanding, she’s a girl with carelessness in her character but she’s an energetic, optimistic, and kind girl who’s talented in drawing with creativity and possess abilities in solving problems, which can be found echo by children in the majority. The first season expressed the worldview by 26 humorous stories, which is “there are so many different forms of being excellent, every child is excellent with his merit”, it has not only presented the childhood of contemporary primary students, but also the collision between old and new parenting concepts. The second season will carry and enhance this worldview. Lovely and kind Niu NaiTang will continue to live her perfect and happy childhood in her fairy world.


ZHEN WANG — Overseas Distributor
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