Storm Eye


Modern, Spy

40Epi * 45min

A story about a team of agents is told from the perspective of An Jing and Ma Shang. Showing no fear in their mission to uphold justice, these officers work hard to protect national interests. Ma Shang is a national security agent who receives a special mission to trail a spy from beyond the borders all the way to Shuangqing City. While performing surveillance work, Ma Shang discovers that the spy is only a small part of their grander scheme of plots and that their goal is to steal the top-secret research of Huading Group. Ma Shang is dispatched directly to Shuangqing to collaborate with the city bureau in commencing an investigation under code name Storm Eye. As a team is formed, Ma Shang realizes that the local team leader is his high school classmate An Jing who had left ten years ago without saying goodbye.


Amy Zhang — General Manager
+86 13301165513

Audrey Huang — Overseas Distribution Manager
+86 15201273507

Jenny Liu — Overseas Distribution Manager
+86 18810905536

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