Spin Fighters 3


Action, Competition


On the first day of the summer vacation, Luoxuan becomes good friends with Zhihui, the guardian of the magic gyroscope, and meets Blue Shadow, the magic gyroscope. Magic gyroscope is a magical power from ancient civilization. In order to find more magic gyroscopes and prevent them from being used by the bad guys, Luoxuan, Xiaoliang and Zhihui set up a magic team. Guided by a gyroscopic power sensor, they find their own magic gyroscope after twists and turns. In the meantime, they also became good friends with Ivy, Starr and Davy. They all become members of the magic team. The villain Joe always wants to steal the magic gyroscope power. The magic team works together to crack Joe’s plot. However, more challenges are waiting for them. In the face of difficulties, magic team members gradually improve their ability and inject more energy to the magic gyroscopes. They become the most powerful partner of the magic gyroscopes.


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