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7 Steps Go From Content Discovery to Deal in Days

  1. Contents Searching
  2. Real-time Communication
  3. Offer / Enquiry
  4. Business Negotiation
  5. Contract Signing
  6. Payment
  7. Material Downloading

Qualification Review on Sellers

SINO Marketplace will review the license of the legal entity provided, only the legitimate rights holders will be accepted.

Qualification Review on Titles

SINO Marketplace will examine the copyright files of each title provided, only the titles with clear rights status will be accepted.

Legal Support

A legal team specialized in copyright law consultation will support on the contract review.

Quick Connection: With all the titles displayed on SINO Marketplace, you could easily find the title you want, also you could either send inquiry or offer to the seller, or chat with them straight away if you are interested in the title.

Accurate Transcoding: The transcoding service provided by SINO Marketplace will generate test file automatically by the transcoding parameters provided in a real-time manner with “Zero” mistake.

Efficient Downloading: The online-transfer service provided by SINO Marketplace could increasing file downloading rate to 100 times of FTP. Which means you could download a master tape of 1TB within one hour.

Synopsis Translation

Engage in the story world better.

Trailer/Screener AI translation

Get to know the scenario goes.

Instant Communication Translation

Multi-language translation support boundary-less communication.

From Entry to contract execution, the full process of transaction is totally free! We do not charge any entry fee or commission, feel free to use all the services we provide.


Yahan Xu, General Manager at Hangzhou SINO Media Tech Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86 571  87168926
Mobile: +86 18857009017

Coco Han, Account Executive at Hangzhou SINO Media Tech Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86 571  87163363
Mobile: +86 13819590329

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