SINO Client


Problems of Traditional Material Receiving

Transcoding in Generator Room

  1. High cost of transcoding materials ($100-200/Episode)
  2. High error rates

Express Delivery

  1. Low time-efficiency (5-10 days)
  2. Low security (Hard drive gets damaged or lost)

Advantages of SINO Client

Cloud Transcoding

SINO Marketplace cloud transcoding supports online submission of transcoding formats and online generation of test files and master copies.

Low Cost:

Cut down the cost of generator room to its 50%

Fast Speed:

25 times the normal transcoding speed, 2 mins to complete transcoding a 45mins episode.

Multi-format Support:

Supporting MPEG-4, MPEG-2, Apple ProRes 422, MXF and other video encoders and multi-track transcoding requirements.

Cloud Downloading

Fast and Efficient:

SINO Client inbuilt ultra-high-speed transfer protocol and intelligent compression technique. We promote downloading rate to 100 times that of FTP. 1TB file can be accelerated downloading less than one hour.

High Security:

SINO Client adopts SSL encryption transmission during file downloading, to put away the worries of each party of the business security.


Yahan Xu, General Manager at Hangzhou SINO Media Tech Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86 571  87168926
Mobile: +86 18857009017

Coco Han, Account Executive at Hangzhou SINO Media Tech Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86 571  87163363
Mobile: +86 13819590329

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