Princess Doremi


3D, HD, Comedy Animation

52 ep*13 mins

Co-produced by iQIYI and FZ Entertainment, Princess Doremi is a musical animation series for children aged from 4 to 8. It has 52 episodes per season and 13 minutes per episode. The story is about Princess Doremi, who is from Music Kingdom, comes to Wonderland where she meets six other princesses. Each of the seven princesses has unique personality and a castle of their own. As their adventure unveils, princesses encounter and solve problems with the magical power of music. Along their journey, they have also established profound friendship. With social emotional learning as the core concept of the show, Princess Doremi hopes to help children with social skills and understanding of social relations through art and music. The show also has great potential in toy merchandising and 54 exclusive original songs. Princess Doremi is expected to be released on iQIYI in 2021. 


Kaylee Leung
Mobile: 17687647008

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