Magee’s Kitchen



TV show

“Magee’s Kitchen” is an original parent-child gourmet competition and growth show, which is launched by Golden Eagle cartoon Satellite TV in 2019. It was broadcast every weekend and it has broadcast 10 episodes in total for the whole season. Accompanied by their parents and guests, five children with culinary skills gather together and complete a variety of culinary tasks in the form of competition, and then eventually become ” Magee’s little Chef”.

All the ingredients in “Magee’s Kitchen” come from nature. The little chefs will look for ingredients on the “gourmet topic” of the episode in person, giving full play to their ideas in the cooking process, and turning local ingredients into a variety of amazing and tasty dishes. The guests will vote for dishes after they tasted and made comments. At the end of the ninth episode, the top three groups of families will enter the final battle for a little master chef. Eventually, “Magee’s little Chef” of this season will be selected, and win the ultimate prize of “Global Parent-Child Michelin Food Journey”.


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