International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC)


As a brand event of CICAF, the International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC) consists of diverse components such as project incubation, content production, distribution and dissemination, authorization and realization, talent cultivation and business support. In 2020, exhibitors, traders and people in the industry from more than 20 countries and regions around the world participated in CICAF’s diverse activities online and offline. In total, 2,069 1-to-1 meetings were conducted, 1,543 intended deals were reached, more than 100 new animated films from all over the world made their debut, 14 major projects were launched, and contracts worth over 250 million yuan were signed at CICAF. According to some statistics, over 80% of the deals on China’s new original animated films were reached at iABC. Moreover, iABC is also hailed as the first brand on ACG business in China and the best channel for international cartoon and animation works to enter the Chinese market.

For more information, please visit CICAF’s official website, and click the “iABC” page.




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