Be Together


TV series (modern, romance, family)

35eps x 45min

Four young girls with different personalities in their late 20s, who are about to usher in a new stage in their lives, suddenly encountered great changes one after another. The senior white-collar worker suddenly got fired and fell into new boss’s “love trap”. The wealthy celibate tried to lure a rich young man but ended with a short-lived marriage. The conservative teacher was cheated before her wedding and fell into the «love utopia» of a divorced man. The cold and rational doctor with «incurable disease» was treated by a romantic and good-looking young man. They all stand at the crossroads and faced difficulties and challenges. How should they complete the reversal of their lvies? Being together, they live through their best youth and move forward hand in hand towards a better future.


Ceclia Zhu
General Manager of Huace Global

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