As Long As You Love Me




Zhou Yanzhao and Xiaomeng love each other for many years. Zhou Yanzhao met Xiao meng on her 22nd birthday as agreed. However, Zhou Yanzhao had to accept his father’s real estate company after his father’s accidental death. They broke up because the suspect who killed Zhou’s father was Xiaomeng’s mother. Zhou Yanzhao joined Shenghai group and fought with his rival Jiang Qingcheng again and again. Xiaomeng has been trying to grow into a stronger and better person all the time. The contradictions and misunderstandings between the two gradually disappear through ups and downs. Zhou Yanzhao and Zhou Xiaomeng worked together to find out the real murderer. And at the same time, they seized Shenghai group back from Jiang Qingcheng. They both reopened the switch of love in their hearts and fell in love with each other again in the end.


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