A River Runs Through It


Modern, Romance, Youth

30Epi * 45min

A story that follows students who journey through life and share experiences in sadness and joy.

It starts with a transfer student who makes a new set of friends at her new school. Xia Xiaoju transferred right before the NCEE(College Entrance Examination). She meets the compassionate Cheng Lang, the straightforward Lu Shiyi, the often dazed Qiu Letao and many others. Despite feeling flustered by her new environment and starting off meeting her new classmates over a misunderstanding, she tries to make the best of it. With NCEE fast approaching, the students make their own decisions that bring about a set of challenges…


Amy Zhang — General Manager
+86 13301165513

Audrey Huang — Overseas Distribution Manager
+86 15201273507

Jenny Liu — Overseas Distribution Manager
+86 18810905536

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