Xia RanRan (Li Yitong), a girl who is treating herself as a princess, has fallen in love to Lin Xiang’an (Song Chen) at the first glance, but Lin has no feeling for her. Xia’s best friend Su Mo (Shi Shi) believes that love will always wait for her. However, when she chose to leave Shao Mingzhe (Lu Yi) to finish her dream, Lin Xiang’an came and confessed his love. Four years later, Xia RanRan had a blind date with Shao Mingzhe, these two people are afraid to be harmed by love again, so they decided to pretend as a couple together for stopping their family’s pushing. When those four people met again, each one has its own mind. Will these two strange couples find their true love? Let’s find out from the drama.


Cong Li
Deputy director, Content Business Dept

July Qi
Manager of Content Business Dept

Tina Jin  
Manager of Content Business Dept  

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