Better Plan for Better Life



6 episode x50min

English Subtitled Version Available

There are six episodes and each episode lasts 50 minutes. With the theme of «Technology Changes Life, Wisdom Creates the Future», it focuses on telling the warm stories of contemporary new technology and inventions that promote the happiness, upgrading, destiny, and dream realization of ordinary Chinese people, interpreting the new era Chinese wisdom to create miracle codes and spread The majority of scientific and technological workers have the courage to explore and devote themselves to the vivid deeds of science, and vigorously promote the spirit of scientists.

The whole film is based on the present, looking back at the past, looking forward to the future, multi-dimensional, three-dimensional display of science and technology profound influence and changes in economic and social development and people’s happiness and well-being, vividly reflecting the new era China needs more powerful technological innovation than ever Strength, in order to inspire forge ahead, promote technological self-reliance, and create a better life.


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