Asia-Pacific War Crime Trials




To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War, the Shanghai Media Group (SMG) produced an eight-episode documentary, Asia-Pacific War Trials.

After World War II, eight Allies established more than 50 military tribunals in the Asia-Pacific battlefield to try Japan for war crimes committed on the battlefield. The documentary Asia-Pacific War Trials is the world’s first major panoramic documentary focusing on the post-World War II trials of Japan’s BC-class war criminals. Many little-known historical events and war atrocities were revealed in the documentary, making several academic findings public for the first time. Throughout the entire shooting and production process, the film crew traveled nearly 90,000 kilometers across four continents and eleven countries and regions for on-location filming, uncovering a vast amount of precious historical images, audio files and materials in 29 world-class archives, most of which were being shown to the world for the first time. Nearly 50 international experts and scholars were interviewed, as well as more than 40 witnesses of the historical events and their descendants, including interviews with several centenarians. Through salvaged footage of witnesses and interviews with the world’s most authoritative experts, scholars and dignitaries in the field, the dusty period of history is restored and interpreted from a unique international perspective.


Cong Li
Deputy director, Content Business Dept

July Qi
Manager of Content Business Dept

Tina Jin  
Manager of Content Business Dept

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