I´Ve Known You All My Life



Length: 86 x 60´

Pedro and Vera meet and fall deeply in love. Two kindred spirits that seem to have been born to meet each other. Yet, both are unaware that their parents’ crimes, past crimes of which they are neither part nor guilty, will jeopardize their happiness together. Pedro is 5 years old when his father dies at the hands of Olmo and his partner Fausto. Rather than getting rid of the child, Olmo decides to adopt him as his own son and kill Fausto to remain the sole owner of a promising money laundering business involving luxury hotels. That generous gesture towards Pedro and believing his former partner is dead will be the biggest mistake that will condemn him years later.

30 years later Pedro while closing a hotel business in Spain, meets Vera, a beautiful and irreverent Mexican furniture designer, and along with her, true love. Their encounter seems to be dictated by destiny. She is also an orphan… Fausto, her father, died years ago. Both are unaware that they have a shared past. Vera also falls madly in love with Pedro and is prepared to bet everything on that new love. Pedro must return to Mexico but vows to return as soon as he settles some “personal matters”. In fact, he is determined to end his marriage with Marina, Olmo’s legitimate daughter, what he still doesn’t know is that Marina is pregnant and upon learning of his infidelity, she will lose the baby. Olmo threatens Pedro with killing “the woman in Spain” if he dumps his daughter. Destroyed, Pedro decides to push Vera away, unaware that they are expecting a child.

5 years later Vera and her son Nico travel to Mexico to visit Antonia, Vera’s mother. Once in Mexico, she meets Olmo, who sees in Vera some of his adored and long-dead wife’s traits. Olmo becomes attached to Vera and decides to introduce her to his family, also proposing to her. Vera appreciates Olmo’s attention and care and is sincerely willing to give him a chance with no knowledge that she will meet Pedro again and realize that they both still love each other with the same intensity as the first day… a secret they will have to keep.  Vera is shocked to find her father is alive. Fausto tells her his story and asks her to stay by his side to take revenge on Olmo, who is to blame for all his troubles. As Vera doesn’t accept, Fausto decides to “force” his daughter by killing Antonia and blaming Olmo for the murder. Driven by pain and seeking justice for her mother, Vera stays in Mexico to stay by Olmo’s side and help her father in his revenge plans, sacrificing her heart if necessary.

This is how Vera and Pedro engage in the treason game initiated by their parents many years ago.


Trailer: https://vimeo.com/user29467905/review/501864175/1f2444ce93

EP1: https://vimeo.com/user29467905/review/516392008/21223a9ddc

EP2: https://vimeo.com/user29467905/review/516835145/560421efe9

EP6: https://vimeo.com/user29467905/review/527556369/c5f9f5f58d

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Mario Castro
Director of Sales Asia & Africa
Televisa International
175 SW 7th Street
Latitude One, Suite 2312
Miami, Florida 33130 USA
M. + 1 305 775 8312

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