The Complicated Life of Lea Olivier


13 x 22 min – New (9-12)

The TV adaptation of the book written by Catherine Girard-Audet, this new youth series features the charming Lea, a young girl forced to leave her hometown and move to a big city with her family. Away from all her friends, her boyfriend and everything familiar, Lea has to adapt to her new city life and fit into her new school. You’ll discover her new words and all the hurdles that come her way: the group of popular girls who like to make her life miserable, the difficulties of long-distance love, the difficulties of disadvantages of having a big brother who’s too good-looking and too cool! Her adventures are told through email, chat and SMS exchanges in impeccable style through. Lea Olivier is the pen pal series of the 21st century!


Episode no 1

pwd: lea1

Episode no 2

pwd: lea1


Chrystine Girard
Head of International Distribution
Encore Télévision-Distribution Inc.
Phone: +1 514 237 7530

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