For Sarah


The French adaptation (TF1) (6 x 52) – New (note that the original Québec version is licensed to IVI)

After drinking heavily at a party, 17-year-old Sarah and her childhood friend Cedric, who was celebrating his 18th birthday, drive off in a sports car and end up in a horrifying acci­dent. That night changes everything. Beyond the physical consequences, the accident marks the start of a medical, legal and emotional battle that pits the two families, formerly close friends, against each other. But what really happened that fateful night? This series put the audience in the adult’s head space, where nobody really knows the complete truth about their own lives or their friends or let alone their kids. This car accident opens up everybody’s secrets about drugs, drinking, money, self-harm, sex, and infidelity.

Banff World Media Award: Best Francophone Series

Gémeaux: Best Actress, Best Actor


Episode no 1

pwd: sarahtf1

Episode no 2

pwd: saraftf1


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Head of International Distribution
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