Animated Kids Series 39×7’ and 52×2’

Language: English



Private Screener (39×7’):

Private Screener (52×2’):

Join 6-year-old Miaomiao, her puppy Doudou and her animal friends on exciting role-playing adventures, introducing young viewers to important social lessons and new language skills.

The Miaomiao TV series follows the adventures of little Miaomiao in her imaginative world. Every episode has a new role-playing story where Miaomiao and her animal friends encounter obstacles, solve problems, and let the power of friendship win the day. As the fun unfolds, they drop a simple word or phrase in Mandarin Chinese related to the plot. They reinforce the vocabulary while juggling, scuba diving, flying a kite — basically anything — to keep the young audience laughing and engaged.

Contact information

Judith Cheung, Marketing & Distribution Manager
Lofty Sky www.loftysky.com

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