Confucius Was a Foodie



Travel and Food series, 19×1’ in HD and 4K

Language: English


Screener (Episode: Origins):

Password: Foodie

Across 19 episodes, celebrity chef and former Food Network host Christine Cushing takes viewers on a voyage of discovery uncovering the traditions, philosophies and history of Chinese culinary culture and its influence on food all around the world. Christine embarks on this journey when she discovers that 2,500-year-old Chinese philosopher Confucius was actually—a foodie.

From exploring Chinese cuisines in North America to the culinary politics of Taiwan, the tasty richness of Hong Kong, and blended flavors of South East Asia, Christine finds connections to the foodie precepts of the great Chinese philosopher both ancient and modern. Christine travels to Italy questioning the origins of pizza, in Greece she is figuring out the beginnings of Baklava, and Paris she discovers that crepes have Chinese roots too.

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Judith Cheung, Marketing & Distribution Manager
Lofty Sky

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