The Lost Film of Nuremberg


Genre : History

The director sets off in search of the film «Nuremberg : it’s lesson for today», the official 80’ film of the Nuremberg trial by the Schulberg brothers, that was withdrawn from circulation in post-war United States for geo political reasons, and then disappeared.

This is the story of the film itself, that contained excruciating evidence of the Nazi crimes, how and why it was censored, how it was found again and the lessons it teaches us on how we treat collective memory.
There have been a number of films about Nuremberg, but this documentary takes a novel approach, exploring the trial process from a personal angle, via the fascinating story of Budd and Stuart Schulberg, the two brothers the OSS assigned to gather film evidence of the Nazis’ crimes.



Zoé Turpin
+33 06 42 33 43 49

Sophie Soghomonian

ARTE Distribution

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