Happy as A Cat


Genre : Nature /Wildlife

Cats are the most popular pets in France. More than 13 million of them share our lives. And their numbers are ever-increasing in the whole wide world. We are fascinated by these mysterious animals: free, wild, independent, they never stop seeking happiness!

So why do they stay by our side? And why does it seem like we can’t live without them? The famous writer Bernard Werber narrates this fantastic journey into the feline world. After being obsessed with ants, cats have become his new passion. From Paris to Tokyo by way of Seoul or Denver, USA, we follow him on a world tour to meet the greatest experts in their field. From Egyptian mummies to social networks’ superstar cats, this film explores our special relationship with this animal through the ages. Discover the secret behind their extremely communicative happiness!



Zoé Turpin
+33 06 42 33 43 49

Sophie Soghomonian

ARTE Distribution

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