Ken Dala


The purpose of the ‘Keń Dala’ program is to provide information, such as why Eurasian has become the territory where the nomadic civilization originated, how did nomadic and sedentary peoples influence ethno cultural relations, what should we learn from the Nomads and relations among the peoples of Eurasia.

The host of the program is Konstantin Kuksin – ethnographer, turkologist, writer, traveler, full member of the Russian Geographical Society, director of the Museum of Nomadic Culture and a popular contributor at Moscow radio stations. He is able to skillfully adapt even the most complicated historical texts to modern reality by using bright examples, accurate symbols and simple words. His counterpart, who guides the conversation in the right direction and makes necessary commentary and remarks is Tinkai Kretova, a young Kazakh writer, who is particularly interested in the nomadic culture, traveler and blogger, the Holder of Literature Prize of Kazakhstan’s First President’s Foundation.


Content distribution manager
Aryngazy Karina

Khabar Agency
Konayev st., 4, Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan

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