Beyond Time


Kazakhstan’s archaeology is a treasure trove of priceless information about our past, which is, unfortunately, contained within the domain of the discipline-specific literature, such as scientific monographs and magazines.

There are a number of large-scale projects ongoing on the territory of Kazakhstan at the moment. The sites under research are the Yeleke Sazy Necropolis, the Akbaur Complex of Archaeological Monuments, the xiongnu-xianbei artifacts at the Berel Burial Ground, a Golden Horde city in North Kazakhstan region, burial mounds of the Saka period in Karagandy region and more. Massive archaeological discoveries have been made at all these sites.  

Such astonishing research works need to be widely covered by mass media, both local and international. The documentary popular science program has been filmed during the 2020 archaeological season and covers some of the most significant excavations and research carried out on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The viewers will have an opportunity to reveal the secrets of professional archaeologists and historians and learn more about the history of Kazakhstan and the role played by different peoples that inhabited the territory of Kazakhstan in different time periods in the development of the Eurasian civilization and their impact on modern history.


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