Thorn of War (Épine de Guerre)


Morocco / 2021 / 116 mins.

SYNOPSIS: A teenager gets radicalized by an extremist group online and decides to leave to join the rebels in Syria against the regime. Wanting to track him down and bring him home, his mother disguises as a journalist to joins a convoy to get into the combat zone; and ends up surrounded by a patrol of Kurdish fighters. Being ambushed by militia and survived, she witnesses a devastated war and a world in agony. But her unconditional love for her child gives her the courage to overcome every obstacle and to fight. All she wants is to bring her son home alive.



GENRE:  Action, Adventure, Drama, Foreign, Inspirational, Political, Thriller, War, Woman


DIRECTOR: Brahim Chkiri

WRITER: Brahim Chkiri

PRODUCER: Rajaa Hassani, Lalla Soumia Ouazzani, Fouad Loukili

CAST: Noufissa Benchehida, Aziz Dhiouer, David Ou Pas, Kalila Bounaylat, Mohamed Qissi

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