Narco Sub


U.S.A. / 2021 / 94 mins.

SYNOPSIS: The Colombian cartel runs an operation to traffic cocaine into the U.S. through Mexico while holding two young women as hostages. Their plan is exposed when a former navy seal, Bruce Stryker, helps the D.E.A. and Border Patrol rescue the women. The furious cartel vow for revenge and kidnaps Stryker’s family to force him to pilot a submarine for their next shipment to the U.S. Does Stryker have a choice between saving his family and doing the right thing? Inspired by true event.



GENRE:  4K UHD, Action, Crime, Drama


DIRECTOR: Shawn Welling

WRITER: Derek H. Potts

PRODUCER: Derek H. Potts

CAST: Lee Majors (‘The Six Million Dollar Man’), Tom Sizemore (‘Saving Private Ryan’), Robert Lasorda (‘The Mule’), Jen Barbeito, Tom Vera

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