U.S.A. / 2019 / 104 mins.

SYNOPSIS: It’s the near future, and people no longer do low-level work. Instead, genetically enhanced humans, known as “Mungos”, do all the menial work. Hal Briggs, a genetic engineer for the Galapagos Wetware Firm, sees potential profit in using these enhanced individuals for military purposes. The firm agrees with Hal’s assessment, and they assign him the task of creating higher-end Mungos.

However, as Briggs starts to craft new genetic code, he starts to notice that his Mungos are behaving like regular humans. What’s more, the subjects begin to develop human desires, such as longing for love and freedom. When the desire for freedom becomes too much to bear, the prototypes free themselves with a daring escape. Galapagos Wetware is now on the hunt for them, and a distraught Briggs makes a discovery that could change everything.



GENRE:  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


DIRECTOR: Jay Craven

WRITER: Jay Craven

PRODUCER: Jay Craven, Mike Toscano

CAST: Jerry O’Connell (Stand By Me, Jerry McGuire), Morgan Wolk (The Affair, Miles Ahead), Cameron Scoggins (The Deuce, Nashville), Bret Lada (Law and Order), Aurelia Thierree (Aurelia’s Oratio, Bells and Spells), Matt Salinger (24, Captain America), Gordon Clapp (NYPD Blue)


  • Based on Craig Nova’s novel that Washington Post critic Michael Dirda called “A haunting, heart-stompingly exciting, brilliantly structured novel of suspense, ideas, and subtle characterization.”
  • “Ultra-cool visuals…deliciously trippy. Absolutely check it out.” – Margot Harrison, Seven Days
  • “Visionary…breathtaking.” – Wendy Sheve, Featuring Film
  • “Witty, exciting…quiet simply, a lot of fun.” – Jim Lowe Times Argus

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