U.S.A. / 2020 / 103 mins.

SYNOPSIS: Gina thought she had successfully escaped her past. She moved to a new town, made new friends, and even got a new job. But, little does everyone know that she carries a dark secret. Gina isn’t the girl-next-door — she is the “debt collector” for an organized crime syndicate. Anyone who owes money to the organization will have to face the wrath of this dangerous woman. However, when it’s revealed that her new target is an old friend, Gina’s perfect new world is put in jeopardy. Unable to run from her past, Gina must make a choice: save an old friend’s life or stay in her profession? Whatever her choice is, the ramifications will be severe and Gina learns that even she must pay her debts.



GENRE:  Action, Adventure, Martial Art, Thriller, Woman


DIRECTOR: Dave Fairman

WRITER: Dave Fairman

PRODUCER: Dave Fairman, Ashley Killips, Ashley Pyle, Jeff Giroux

CAST: Ashley Killips, AJ Orille, Phil Rumley

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