The Sommerdahl Murders



Genres: Crime

THE SOMMERDAHL MURDERS is set in a picturesque town on the coastline, each 90’ episode revolves around an intriguing, perfidious murder case solved by Dan Sommerdahl and his best friend Detective Superintendent Fleming Torp. It is a blue-sky, broad, and easy to watch crime procedural that tells its stories from the heart to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. The series takes its stylistic cues from the lead character’s name – Sommer translates to summer in English – and seeks to reflect a more hopeful and joyful outlook on life than might otherwise be associated with crime drama – a mix of Midsomer and Miami Vice. In THE SOMMERDAHL MURDERS, there are no gruesome murders, but ordinary people who have been pushed to the extreme in some way.

Cast: Peter Mygind (Borgen, Darkness) Andre Babikian, Laura Drasbaek

Director: Kenneth Kainz (Rain, Dicte), Carsten Myllerup (Dicte, Darkness)

Trailer S1:

Trailer S2:

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