Prima Donnas


Genre: Drama

Jaime and Maita desperately want to have a child. They hire Lilian to be the surrogate mother of their child who will be heir to the wealth of Jaime’s mother, Primarosa. Much to their delight, Lilian conceives not one, but three healthy babies.

Kendra, Primarosa’s vicious and ambitious protégé, learns about this and plots to kill Maita, Lilian, and the unborn children, her rivals to Primarosa’s wealth and Jaime’s affection. Maita dies but Lillian escapes and gives birth to three beautiful baby girls — Donna Marie, Donna Belle, and Donna Lyn.

The Donnas are raised away from their real family. As they come of age, they face life’s realities which help strengthen their characters and their bond. They decide to search for their real family and assert their right as heiresses of Jaime and Primarosa. While earning their rightful place in their grandmother’s household, they discover that one of them is not Jaime’s daughter.

How will this affect their fate and their bond as sisters, with Kendra still out to destroy them?

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