Descendants of the Sun


Genre: Drama

Adapted from the hit series from South Korea, Descendants of the Sun.

tells the story of Lucas and Maxine, two people brought together by destiny.

Lucas Manalo is a principled soldier and captain of the special forces of the Philippine military. He meets Dr. Maxine Dela Cruz, a talented and dedicated heart surgeon. He is instantly attracted to her and they begin to date. Unfortunately, their professions and responsibilities keep getting in the way and they decide to part ways.

As fate would have it, Lucas and Maxine meet again when they are both deployed on a peacekeeping mission in a war-torn region of the country. Lucas heads the military troop, while Maxine leads the medical volunteers. They spend time together and soon, rekindle their romance. As they find themselves in the middle of conflicts brought about by war and nature, they try to survive while keeping their relationship alive. However, they also realize how different their views of life are. As a soldier, Lucas kills to protect lives, while as a doctor, Maxine tries to save lives. A bigger challenge will test their relationship when Lucas finds out that the terrorist he has been chasing turns out to be Maxine’s long lost brother.

Contact information:
Tel: +632 8333 76 33

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