A Place in Your Heart


Genre: Drama

Audrey almost gave up on her dreams after she is deported from Canada. Then came Sean, the kind-hearted owner of a beauty clinic who offers her a job in his company. Sean is a good husband to his wife, Katharine and a perfect father to their two children. They are a picture of a happy family but Audrey discovers Katharine’s dirty secret – she is having an affair with another man. Audrey warns Sean but it is too late. Katharine abandons Sean and their children. Sean hits rock bottom but Audrey helps him pick up the pieces. She also helps Sean take care of his children who learn to love her like their own mother. Eventually, Sean and Audrey fall in love.

Sean plans to marry Audrey so he files for annulment of his marriage with Katharine. But his scheming wife suddenly returns with one agenda – to assert her right as his legal wife and to claim her share of his wealth. So begins the battle between Audrey and Katharine, between the good step mother and the evil wife.

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