This story is about a showdown with Khan, a villain chef who tries to eat cute eggs. Well, we know what the “chef” looks like, don’t we? Yes, he is a croc!


This is a very cute take on his failed attempts at eating the cute eggs, who manage to escape him or gang up against his plans (often foiled!). Don’t worry.

Everybody is fine at the end of it all!

Great for all Ages!

Why is this animation great for us?

This is a gag animation, and is made just for laughs!

Sometimes, we adults need to relax too, and it is a great show for relaxing our nerves a little. Many of the colors used for the characters will leave kids, teenagers and adults laughing out loud (and probably hungry for eggs).

Why People Like the World of Eggroy?

1. Round- shaped healing character

2. Gag animation made for laughs!

3. Contains messages for all age groups

4. Collectibles for all characters!

TV series

  • 2D Flash HD Animation
  • 100 episodes x 1 min 30 sec
  • Production to be completed in Dec 2020
  • Screener:

Adventure – Episode

One day, Khan, a chef specializing in egg cooking, comes to the island where they live.

A peaceful and quiet island is suddenly in danger.

Indeed, Will the main character Eggroy and his friends be able to compete against the chef Khan?

Epilogue – Episode

An egg-cooking expert, Khan wants to catch natural eggs for the best. However, the main character, Egroy and his friends, with brilliant ideas and excellent judgment, Defeat cook Khan. Through episodes of the daily egg cook Khan and Eggs, we realize how much the power of ‘cooperation’ and ‘coordination’ is.

Interactive World

Along with the series, EGGROY also has several interactive apps that can be used by all ages for fun and learning purposes. This is mainly a gag animation, which is made for laughs, but there is still a lot we can learn from it!

The character design and the surrounding/background graphics and images makes it easy for kids to understand and learn various things such as colors, life, friendship, kindness, etc. Do you want to own an egg plushie too?


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