China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation – SPB TV

Speaker: Kirill Philippov, CEO of SPB TV

SPB TV, as a multi-directional company, is also involved in the distribution and monetization of media content. Our cooperation with the biggest Chinese media companies has been successfully developing since 2013. During this time, we have acquired many solid and reliable partners –in chronological order, CNC,  Xinhua News AgencyChina Media Group(CMG), Shanghai Media Group(SMG). Their TV channels and VOD content are widely presented on the SPB TV platforms, and well as on Belt-and-Road TV service, created under the One Belt One Road initiative.

We also actively contribute to promotion of Chinese media in Russia and CIS. We see a great interest in this content and understand where it is coming from. 

On 5 June 2019, an agreement was signed in Moscow for broadcasting three China Media Group channels on television platforms in Russia in various environments. The signing was attended by the leaders of our countries Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin and the CEO of China Media Group, Mr. Shen. So, the collaboration between SPB TV Media and the Chinese media is approved right at the top.

The key aim of this activity is to popularize and distribute Chinese TV channels and VOD content in various OTT environments, cable and satellite networks. For this purpose, we also provide localization services. We have dubbed and translated many interesting films, such as the “Tokyo Trial” and “Time of Xi” and a lot more. The Chinese language is so rich and unique, that the quality of dubbing and translation is of the greatest importance. Our studios do their best to make the content sound natural for Russian ear, as if comedians spoke Russian instead of Chinese!

Our activity is carried out not only in the direction from China to Russia, but also vice versa. Building on its reputation as a reliable partner in China and being an active participant in the Russian media market, SPB TV connects Russian content producers and Chinese media companies. As I told yet, Russian is in a great demand in China. Maybe it’s because of a similar mentality, who knows…Especially – content for children. Therefore SPB TV recently brought to China several animated series that all the Russian children know and really love: I mean Moonzy– this project is going on since 2006 and has a lot of franchises and thematic products, – and also Nick the Inventor and Fairy Kitchen. They were demonstrated by CCTV and some other media in China. 

So, the great demand for  the content is evidential from the both sides. Here, in Russia, viewers are getting more and more interested in information from China and its media products. And we feel that this interest is mutual. It may be explained by many factors – economical and cultural links with a long history, geographical neighborhood, and just a good understanding between our people. Our aim is to satisfy this demand. 

To conclude, I must admit that the pandemic has attracted more young and older people to screens, more people have begun to consume media online. By the most general estimates, the growth is about a third. This is another reason for us to develop cooperation and exchange of media technologies and content. So, we have a lot of work to do! And thank you for your attention!

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