China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation – SMG

Speaker: MS. YU JIE, Vice President of Oriental Pearl Group, General Manager of SMG Pictures and WingsMedia

To be the ambassador of Chinese culture

SMG Pictures & WingsMedia handle the film, television and entertainment business of OPG. The former focuses on production business, while the latter on distribution. It is our mission to introduce China to the rest of the world and vice versa.

We have established working relationships with international counterparts, such as BBC, Disney, Sony Entertainment and Fuji TV. We start from the basic projects like copyright sales, production investment and overseas distribution, and move on to co-development, co-production, global distribution and copyright and revenue-sharing models.

We celebrate the best of Chinese culture through the lens, and our efforts have been paid off: Born in China, a documentary co-produced with the U.S., showcased the life of the endangered animal families in China.

Above the Clouds, a TV series in our pipeline, tells the story of the first Chinese pilot in history.

Earth: One Amazing Day is the co-production movie spinned from one of BBC’s most renowned IPs.

We have also produced local versions of Japanese romance Operation Love and Dating High.

SMG Pictures & WingsMedia maintain long-term and win-win friendships and cooperations with top studios from UK, US, Japan, Serbia, New Zealand and Thailand.

We are also an active agent of copyright sales and acquisition. With the growth of entertainment content produced in China, we actively promote them so the world can understand what China has to offer. We have established distribution channels open to overseas peers. We handpick excellent IP content from leading studios and market. We present and distribute them on media platforms in China.

We boast a library of 1.6 million hours programs and nearly 100 film & TV titles. We are building worldwide distribution network that involves 350 TV stations in 120 countries and regions, and over 30 digital platforms.

At WCM this year, we have set up a China Pavilion. Although it is a virtual event, China has received extensive attention nevertheless. As a long-term operator of the China Pavilion, SMG Pictures & WingsMedia have always been seeking a high-profile presence in leading festivals, such as MIPCOM, ATF, WCM, and organized various events to create encouraging platforms for business.

Russia has always been a major partner of ours. In recent years, we have built close ties in film, television and digital. In 2015, we introduced the Russian animation movie The Snow Queen to China, which was warmly received. In 2020, we became the only distributor of Russian animations, Nick the Inventor and Maya’s Magic Kitchen. They receive 40 million and 20 million views on MGTV. In addition to distribution, Nick the Inventor’s publishing and licensing rights are also under negotiation.

SMG Pictures & WingsMedia have also undertaken many projects with the Russian media group, SPB. We launched the overseas versions of Dragon TV and CBN (China Business Network), covering more than 1 million Russian viewers.

During the 2019 China-Russia Television Week, we signed a cooperation agreement with SPB TV, authorizing the launch of high-quality documentaries, such as China: Time of Xi, Maritime Silk Road and Taste of China on Belt and Road app and OTT.

Among them, appointed by NRTA (National Radio and Television Administration), we put China: Time of Xi on screen for the first time in Russia. SPB TV will release its Russian-dubbed version of this documentary and a SMG-produced documentary Tokyo Trial before the end of this year.

This year, via online China Pavilion, we would like to unveil our pipeline projects. 

We are proud to present Love in Shanghai, the first 8K full-process TV series produced in China. It traces a young couple’s tears and cheers in17 years, during which time Shanghai has also been thriving rapidly.

The TV show, Quiet among Disquiet, by writer-director XUE Xiaolu takes a peek into Chinese fashion media and Chinese’s pursuit of beauty.

The Investigator is the first TV series in China that tells stories about business risk investigation, a brand-new industry in modern business ecology, and about how investigators combat fraud and safeguard business integrity.

Kiangnan 1894 is an animation film that tells the rise of China’s military industry through the eyes of a young mechanist. The film has been well received since its premiere in September last year, and highly praised at MIPCOM and ATF.

The projects mentioned above are available at the China Pavilion, and are open for co-operation and discussion. We are ready to make Chinese stories better known to the rest of the world, so that audiences worldwide can hear our voice and enjoy our shows.

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