China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation – Migu Co.

Speaker: MR. WANG GANG, Vice General Manager of Migu Co., Ltd.

The leading mobile communications group in Russia (MTS) has been awarded a 5G license. It will provide 5G services to 83 Russian regions. China had entered the 5G era a bit earlier. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China officially issued 5G commercial licenses to four operators including China Mobile on June 6, 2019. The progress of 5G has promoted the digital transformation of the economic and social development in China. We can see the new features of the “five verticals and three horizontals” in this procedure. The five verticals include the digital infrastructure, digital social governance, digital mode of production, digital way of work, and digital way of life. The three horizontals mean common requirement by digital transformation: online-based, intelligent and cloud-based. All these above will become an industry and society level platform, that fully supports economic and social development, which also presents a new characteristic of horizontal expansion and extension.

China Mobile is a communication operator with the largest network scale, the biggest number of customers and the highest brand value in the world. Seizing the chance of the 5G era, China Mobile is committed to exploring the 5G+ ecology and to bringing more surprises and great changes to the audio-visual industry and users’ life. We hope to promote the audio visual experience that is more clear, intelligent, immersive and diverse.

Migu, the specialized subsidiary of China mobile, is the largest legal digital content gathering platform in the industry. As of September this year, Migu has more than 10,000 hours of ultra HD content reserve and more than 40,000 hours of VR content reserve. Relying on China mobile’s leading 5G technology, Migu deeply explores the application of 4K, 8K, AR, VR and other black technologies in the video field. Last May, together with the National Centre for the Performing Arts of China, Migu launched the world’s first 5G+4K live streaming cinema, allowing users to experience a full-scene immersive experience integrating stage art and technological innovation.

This spring, COVID-19 went global. Migu, together with the Xinhua News Agency, launched a 5G live streaming of “Under the Cherry Trees – Love and Hope”. We created the world’s first 5G+4K+VR cherry blossom cloud viewing activity. Our users could travel thousands of miles to experience the cherry blossom scenes across China through this live streaming. Migu also innovatively introduced three black technologies, 5G cloud audience, 5G cloud balcony and 5G cloud shout, which have been widely used in all kinds of live streaming events: recently, we worked with Shanghai International Film Festival as the official partner of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival and the specified 5G full scene technology platform. We brought cloud ticket, cloud balcony, cloud interview and a series of interesting interactions, which have built the first global 5G cloud film festival.

Distinguished guests and friends, I firmly believe that 5G will not only bring people a beautiful ultra HD experience, but also shape an era of innovation and creation. Not long ago, China Mobile opened the world’s highest 5G base station at a height of 6,500 meters on Mt. Qomolangma and launched the world’s first 5G+4K+VR live camera broadcasting. With the help of science and technology everyone could enjoy the most “unreachable” scene in the world. In addition, we also have launched a global 5G+4K+VR live camera broadcasting at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, presenting our lovely national treasure to the global netizens in ultra HD and zero-distance.

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