China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation – Huawei Consumer Business Group

Speaker: MR. JU JIAN, Director of Global Content Acquisition and Partnership, Huawei Consumer Business Group

Q1: What is Huawei’s positioning in the video content industry?

In the video content industry, Huawei is committed to aggregating global content partners, providing Huawei consumers with the best experience of the global and localized video content, as well as building a global video content ecosystem for the Huawei users worldwide.

Huawei Video is Huawei’s official video app, which is a one-stop video service platform for global Huawei users. It has been launched in more than 25 countries and regions already, including China, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South Africa and Latin America.

Through technology upgrade and international launch, Huawei Video continuously strives to meet the growing requirements of global mobile video users, provides over 10,000 hours of international, local, and Chinese Content as well as over 10 million short videos for global Huawei users. Additionally, Huawei video continuously improves the audio and image quality of video content based on 5G and AI technologies.

Q2: What are Huawei’s strategy for international and Chinese content cooperation?

With the global launch of service, Huawei Video provides richer and better audio-visual experience for global users through the construction of the global video ecosystem. Firstly, content is constructed by category, including movies, TV series, variety shows, news, sports, kids, documentaries, and music concerts, to provide users with more comprehensive, and higher-quality video service experience. Secondly, Huawei Video strengthens the construction of international and local content, and also explores high-quality Chinese Video content, and builds high-quality sections with Chinese features to provide global users with unique audio-visual content experiences.

Huawei Video offers service to the global users. We adhere to the international + local content strategy and cooperate with various content partners worldwide with open mind. We have partnerships with many well-known content providers around the world such as Sony Picture, paramount, ITV, Rai, BBC, etc.

For the Chinese Content cooperation, Huawei is building a featured content library with premium Chinese content, and Huawei will distribute them globally. Currently, Huawei Video is capable of providing the audience with Chinese movies and TV series subtitled in 20 languages, which enables the Huawei users to experience the latest Chinese content easily.

Q3: What are Huawei’s plans with Russian partners?

At first, in Russia, in order to build Huawei’s Own VOD package, Huawei cooperates with Content Partners directly, acquiring content that focus on movies and TV series including famous series like Mata Hari, The Closer and so on, and aims to introduce Russian TV series and movie that cater to local users’ preferences.

Secondly, besides constructing our own VOD packages, Huawei Video also provides third-party branded channel for users. Currently, Huawei has cooperated with MEGOGO comprehensively, a top online video platform in the Russian-speaking area, and the Megogo Channel has been successfully launched in June 2020 already. In the future, Huawei and MEGOGO will cooperate in more countries and fields. At the same time, we are also negotiating with more Russian partners, aiming to establish an open cooperation mode of “self-operated content + third-party channel” in Russia, thereby continuously enhancing our content competitiveness, and providing a new monetization platform for all content partners in Russia.

Last but not least, Huawei Video has also built up a platform, promoting one-stop self-service content aggregation and distribution, which is called Huawei Content Connect Platform, which offers new content distribution and monetization channels for global partners.

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