China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation – Guang Dong Winsing Company

Speaker: MS. Echo Gu, Vice President of Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited

First, please allow me to briefly introduce our company. Winsing animation, located in Guangzhou, as one of leading animation group in China. Winsing Animation has dedicated to cultural and media industry for over 30 years. As the representative of Chinese animation enterprises, we’ve been keeping close communication with Russia media and animation companies since 2008. Our GG Bond series and Metalions, relevant toys have been broadcast and launched in Russia and CIS territories, and enjoyed a great feedback. I would also like to take this opportunity to discuss and explore the cooperation with Russian’s partners in new media content innovation, and also introduce our enterprises, our IPs, and our creation works, achieving more cooperation in the future.

As we all know, both China and Russia possesses abundant historical and cultural resources, and our stable bilateral relationship have greatly boost the cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. The animation industries of China and Russia are highly complementary to each other. We can explore more diversified cooperative ways, such as creative ideas development, co-production, series distribution, merchandising and licensing, toys and other cooperation in the whole industrial chain. I believe there are great potential between our two countries.

In recent years, the cultural exchanges between China and Russia are increasingly closer and closer. And lots of Russian animation works have been launched in Chinese market and achieved excellent results. But we can also find that these collaborations are still at a quite early stage…

Likewise, Chinese animation also encounter the same problem in the Russian market. Due to the language limitation and other conditions, our cooperation is usually limited to the shows’ distribution and it is difficult to enter into the stage of full brand cooperation.

Winsing Animation, is a leading enterprise of operating cultural industry with 30 years’ history. Our business cover various areas like TV series, animation feature films, merchandising and licensing, development and sales of toys, stage shows, party map and so on, capable of producing more than 5,000 minutes of content per year.

Every year, we are looking for the best quality partners around the world. We are expecting to work with the outstanding animation production team and creators in the world to develop together and select the animation themes, polish the creative ideas of stories, and study the most advanced animation production technology, aiming to provide the best animation works and products to the global audience. At this forum, we also hope to take this opportunity to better introduce Chinese animation enterprises and Winsing to Russian’s animation companies, media and licensing partners. We hope to introduce more excellent Chinese animation shows to the Russian market, and have closer cooperation with Russian animation companies. We will build up IP together, heading to Russian and Chinese market, and to the whole world.

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