Boto The Pink Dolphin



Exciting and fun adventure of Boto the Pink Dolphin and her friends in the sea! Boto is the smart and brainy pink dolphin. She is full of curiosity, and together with her friends Bao, Monodon, Beluga and Yawn, explore the sea together!

Great for Kids

Why is this animation great for kids?

The calm and soothing color palette of all the characters in this show, as well as the fun and interactive materials makes it a great to enjoy a fun learning experience!

Many of the colors used for the characters will leave kids enchanted and stimulate them.

Why People Like Boto and Friends?

1. Round- shaped healing character

2. Underwater information for each episode is given: Encyclopedia format

3. Contains the instructive message that all our friends, all our children, are treasures.

Interactive World!

Along with the series, Boto the Pink Dolphin also has several interactive apps that can be used by both parents and kids for learning purposes.

The character design and the surrounding/background graphics and images makes it easy for kids to understand and learn various things such as colors, sea animals, friendship, kindness, etc.

Age target: 4-6 year-olds

Season 1

20 episodes x 11 minutes

Screener Link:

Season 2

26 episodes x 11 minutes

Screener Link:

Season 3

26 episodes x 11 minutes

Screener Link:

Season 4

Pre-Production is completed.

Post-production is ongoing.

A total of 130 episodes will be completed by 2021


Istvan Medvigy
Sr Manager / International Post-Production and Marketing
T: 82.70.4349.1519
F: 82.2.534.6530
M: 82.10.9905.4095
A: 6 Floor,11, Bangbaecheon-ro 24-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06675, Korea

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