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Sergey Piriev

Session “China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation”

Speaker: Sergey Piriev, Head of TV Center Distribution, Russia

In terms of Russian Film & Television industry and market, especially for the new media platform, what kind of Chinese content will motivate their interests?

First of all, in my opinion, Russian audience will be attracted by programs about the rich history of both ancient and modern China, documentary cycles about life of great personalities and their contribution to world’s civilizations. Considering the most interesting centuries-old history of China and our population’s fascination with world history, such programs will always find their audience. The tourist component and an opportunity to travel from home to famous Chinese sights, known for their rich history, will be of great interest. Also, I am sure, that Russian viewers, especially those who live in the Far East and in the neighborhood of the People’s Republic of China, is sure that the history of relations between the two countries and the influence that the two greatest cultures had on each other will be interesting. I would also be interested to learn about China as one of the most important financial centers in the world: the path to success, both for the country as a whole, and for well-known companies, the influence of the state on business processes in society and the influence of business on the state.

Do you have any Chinese Content launched / released on your company’s platform? How’s everything goes in terms of Chinese Content’s performance? Some successful cases and experiences sharing when your company working / collaborating with Chinese companies.

We have negotiated with Chinese companies about content rights acquisition for broadcasting on TV Center Channel. We also discussed a possibility to broadcast our content on Chinese TV Channels.

Suggestions / advices on future Content Cooperation between China and Russia in the field of new media. Your comments and impressions on China Pavilion

TV Center Channel is the source of main news of the country, the world, high-quality analytics, sharp journalism and documentaries, new domestic serials, well-known entertainment talk shows, classics of Soviet and foreign cinema. TV Center is all about people and for people.  We are interested in cooperation with Chinese companies interested to work with us.

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