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Elena Khlebnikova

Session “China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation”

Speaker:  Elena Khlebnikova, Content Acquisitions Director, TVzavr, Russia

In terms of Russian Film & Television industry and market, especially for the new media platform, what kind of Chinese content will motivate their interests?

Due to expansion of TikTok and other Chinese products in our country the Chinese content is very popular now. We are interested in animation, movies, dramas, series and some adapted shows. 

Do you have any Chinese Content launched / released on your company’s platform? How’s everything goes in terms of Chinese Content’s performance?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of Chinese content on our platform, just kids’ animation “Superwings”. But we have South Korean and Japanese movies which are very popular. Also, we launched one new title from Warner Bros “Crazy Rich Asians” directed by Jon M. Chu and it was a big success on TVzavr.

Do you have some successful cases and experiences sharing when your company working / collaborating with Chinese companies?

As I have said we launched “Superwings” animation. Now we are just looking on Chinese content and I hope it would be a good business for both sides.

Do you have suggestions / advices on future Content Cooperation between China and Russia in the field of new media?

Now we are just in process of negotiations with Chinese partners.

What projects are you interested to do in cooperation with Chinese partners?

Of cause most of all we are interested in acquisitions of content. We are looking for all types of VOD rights: TVOD, SVOD, EST and AVOD. We are open for all genres and types of content.

Can you give us your comments and impressions on China Pavilion and companies you are interested in cooperation?

We are ready to communicate with all Chinese companies who can suggest VOD rights for the Russian territory. Specially SMG, China Huace Film & TV and Future TV.

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