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Maria Grechishnikova

Session “China-Russia Cooperation Forum on New Media and Content Creation”

Speaker:  Maria Grechishnikova, Head of content, IVI, Russia

In terms of Russian Film & Television industry and market, especially for the new media platform, what kind of Chinese content will motivate their interests?

Having studied our multi-million audience’s interests for more than 10 years of the service’s operation, we understand that Chinese films and TV series have great potential. The giants of the Chinese content market and independent studios produce high-quality content with a billion viewers local audience. We already see an interest emerging among Russian viewers to this content, and we believe that this interest will grow.

Do you have any Chinese Content launched / released on your company’s platform? How’s everything goes in terms of Chinese Content’s performance?

In addition to films, TV series, cartoons from all major Hollywood studios, and more than 400 independent foreign and Russian studios, free and cable TV channels are available to IVI’s viewers. Among them, there are successful Chinese TV channels that are very popular among our users: CCTV-4, CGTN, CGTN Russian.

Do you have some successful cases and experiences sharing when your company working / collaborating with Chinese companies?

As I already mentioned, presently our cooperation with China is limited by only TV Channels, but we are sure that best films, TV series and cartoons from China will be available on IVI in future.

Do you have suggestions / advices on future Content Cooperation between China and Russia in the field of new media?

We are talking about TV series and other content with our Chinese colleagues.

What projects are you interested to do in cooperation with Chinese partners?

We are open to cooperation with Chinese online platforms. We are sure that this partnership will be beneficial for both players.

Can you give us your comments and impressions on China Pavilion and companies you are interested in cooperation?

We are interested in cooperation with CMG, Shanghai Media Group, Huace Group.

IVI is the # 1 online cinema in Russia with an audience of over 50 million unique visitors per month. IVI presents an extensive catalog of films, cartoons and TV series. In total, the film library of the online cinema has more than 80 thousand content units – these are films from all major studios, as well as more than 400 European and Russian independent film producers.

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