RBN media holding


Our holding specializes in creating good and positive content. Through our programs we try to create a propitious atmosphere in our TV viewers’ homes. We offer a wide range of video content themes. These are programs about history, cooking, travel, socially significant projects, programs about finance, health and others. We produce video content not only for an adult audience, but also for children. Editors and authors with many years of experience in this field work on the children’s programs making. Creating children content, we are taking into account the needs of a sensitive child audience. We adhere to the classic form of the future generation education and try to motivate young viewers to an active lifestyle, the development of imagination, friendship, kindness, responsiveness, love for others and the world around. We also are distributors of feature films, the rights to which are also available for purchase. We are open to cooperation. You can acquire the rights to the submitted content for any period of time, any territory, and any number of broadcasts. We are ready to discuss any provisions of the contract. Upon request, I will send you the catalog of available content. Every month we create new programs for children and adults, so the amount of content increases.

We are also ready to provide services for foreign films dubbing. RBN media holding offers professional dubbing and voiceover into several languages on a turn-key basis. We can dub films for audiences speaking such languages as English, Italian, French, German, Hebrew. Our professional actors with high-quality modern equipment can dub documentary and feature films, and animation, with or without subtitles. We offer convenient terms of cooperation, professional approach and guarantee of quality.

Write to my email content@rbnmedia.org, I will be glad to meet you.

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