Woman -My Life for My Children-


Genre: Finished Program (Live-action series)

Duration: 60’ x 11eps

A heart-gripping story of a mother’s unconditional love for her children and her economic plight in a harsh reality. The story serves as an anthem for all people who have ever had or have ever been a child.

Koharu is widowed by her beloved husband, Shin, in an accident one day. Left with her two young children, Koharu is suddenly faced with a reality as a single mother. Determined to provide for her children, Koharu works day and night on multiple jobs, but it does not take long for her income and savings to fall into a downward spiral that leads the family into poverty. As a measure of last resort, Koharu pleadingly applies for public welfare, but there, she is notified that her own mother, who had deserted her family for another man twenty years ago, has agreed to offer financial support. Thus, she is told by the bureau that her application for welfare could not be accepted. To Koharu’s knowledge, her mother was a heartless woman who never showed or had any maternal love for Koharu to the extent of being able to abandon her. Confused and skeptic that such a woman would even want to help her, the exhausted Koharu decides to confront her estranged mother to refuse any financial aid–as her mother was the last person on earth she wanted to seek help from–but upon doing so, Koharu learns an unforgivable truth about her husband’s death…


Contact information:

Aya Kohara – International Business Development, Nippon TV



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