The Real Thing


 Genre: Drama series (Love suspense)

10x 30’

Kuzumichi Tsuji is a “Good man” who has a good reputation for his work. But he has casual relations with two women in his workplace. He feels bored with his life without excitement. He has never fallen in love with someone from the bottom of his heart.

One day, he saves the life of a mysterious woman, Ukiyo (means “transitory world”), who was about to die in a crossing. Ukiyo is beautiful, but her off-guard attitude causes lots of problems for other people including Tsuji. Though he notices her troublesome nature, he unconsciously gets involved with her. Gradually Tsuji comes to have a dangerous relationship with underworld figures. Even he loses usual lifestyle, he is willing to save Ukiyo, but that leads him to an even worse situation.   


Full footage (#1):

Contact information:

Ayako Ito – Contents Business Division, International Sales Chief, Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Office

T: +81-3-3571-7185


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