Ranking the Stars


Genre: Format (Studio Game Show)

The outrageous global format where your favorite celebrities rank one another!

You never know what’s going to happen in this unpredictable entertainment format when a panel of ten celebrities rank one another on a series of silly, crazy, and totally embarrassing topics.

In each fun-filled episode, one celebrity is chosen to reveal their own ranking in front of the audience and their celebrity peers. Celebrities strike at their peers and trash each other out—but always with humor. And if the celebrity’s ranking matches the 100 people surveyed, they win!

Some of the cheeky questions:

Who’s most likely to get stopped in customs?

Who would be the best kisser?

Who doesn’t mind wearing socks with holes?

And if being embarrassed in front of everyone isn’t enough, there’s also the risk of getting the “Double Whammy,” a label reserved for those special celebrity panelists who are ranked “Worst” by both the 100 people on the street and the current panelist presenter!

International Hit Formats adapted in:

The Netherlands (17 seasons and counting), Korea (11 seasons), Germany (Premiered in March 2020), Ukraine, Poland, and in many more!


Contact information:

Yumi Shimizu (Ms.) – International Business Department, Manager

E-mail: ml-intl-formats@tv-asahi.co.jp


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